Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Only way is up for Te Kaha

The concrete structure of Te Kaha – Canterbury’s Multi-Use Arena – is emerging vertically from ground, with the first of the concrete columns breaking cover today.

The first four five-metre-tall columns were boxed and filled with concrete last Thursday, then left to cure for three days before the formwork boxing was removed.

Te Kaha Project Delivery Chief Executive, David Kennedy says the work in the south-west corner of the site signals the start of the next phase of the 30,000-seat arena’s construction.

“From this point on, people are going to see real tangible progress happening on-site as the contractors begin the vertical construction,” says Mr Kennedy.

“As well as more concrete columns regularly being cast, work on pouring and boxing the ground floor walls began this week.

“Over the past eight months a huge amount of work has been achieved to improve the land and undertake 17 major concrete pours for the arena’s foundations, but from this point on, people will start to see Te Kaha rise above the hoardings around the site.”

The ground improvement work was completed ahead of schedule two weeks ago, while the substructure continues to work north and east across the site.

“At this point, about 75% of the southern stand and about half of the western stand substructures have been completed,” says Mr Kennedy.

“The substructure work is scheduled to be completed in the next couple of months as programmed. We’re pleased with progress and that the project remains in line with its programme and budget.”

An all-weather surface of AP65 and AP40 gravel and stones has been added to high-traffic areas of the site to minimise mud over the winter months and manage any dust during drier periods.

A signalised pedestrian crossing is also being installed on Tuam St to enable hundreds of sub-contractors and contractors to safely access the site from the BESIX Watpac offices. This will be operational by mid April.

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