Friday, July 19, 2024

Orca calf rescue operation continues

Efforts to save the orca calf stranded at Plimmerton are continuing today, with the Department of Conservation (DOC) working alongside Whale Rescue and volunteers.

DOC says ensuring the animal remains in a reasonable condition and reuniting it with its pod remains the department’s objective.

A DOC vessel is out at sea searching for the pod. A local pilot has also volunteered to support the search and will make two search flights today.

There has been a reported sighting of a pod of orca in the Marlborough Sounds. DOC is encouraging the public to report any orca pod sightings to us – the range is from the Marlborough Sounds to Whanganui.

“If anyone sees the orca pod, we’re particularly interested in location details, the direction of travel of the pod, and any clear photos of the dorsal fins and any markings on the back/saddle,” says DOC’s Marine Species Manager Ian Angus.

The animal has been provided electrolytes through a tube by veterinarians. DOC says this method of feeding does cause the animal some distress but is the best option to ensure the animal remains in a reasonable condition at this time.

“We’re working with veterinarians to gain valuable expert advice from scientists overseas.”

Mr Angus said DOC appreciates the continued support of the public but is asking people to stay clear of the site.

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