Monday, July 15, 2024

Orca pod search to ramp up

The orca calf at Plimmerton Boating Club is responding well to being back in the sea pen, while efforts to find the stranded calf’s pod will ramp up through a fine weather window, Department of Conservation (DOC) staff said today.

DOC Marine Species Manager, Ian Angus said the transfer of the orca calf back into the sea pen on Thursday night went smoothly.

“As soon as the calf was back in the sea, he started calling and zooming around the pen,” he said.

“Water quality tests came back showing there are no issues with contamination and it is safe to swim in.”

Mr Angus says plans to increase search efforts for the calf’s pod were being formulated to make the most of a fine weather window which is currently forecast until Sunday.

“We remain focused on trying to find the orca calf’s pod. Our efforts will be focused on the lower half of the North Island and upper half of the South Island.”

“However, we are still calling for people to report any sightings from anywhere in the country, as New Zealand orca can travel up to 160km a day.

“Reports with photos or video are particularly helpful, as we can identify the calf’s pod by the unique markings on the orca,” he said.

Ian Angus said all decisions were still being made based on the health and wellbeing of the calf.

“And we are planning thoroughly for a range of options.”

The Plimmerton Boating Club site remains closed to the public to reduce stress for the orca calf.

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