Monday, July 15, 2024

Parking offered for parliamentary protestors

Police are this afternoon urging anyone parked unlawfully around the capital’s parliamentary precinct to move their vehicle as soon as possible, as protest activity continues at the site.

In a statement, Police said many residents, workers, students, motorists and business owners continued to face disruption from the ongoing protest.

“Wellingtonians have the right to move freely and safely around the city so all roads being clear is a top priority,” said Wellington District Commander, Superintendent Corrie Parnell.

Sky Stadium is providing a safe parking facility for protestors’ vehicles from this evening.

Protestors have today been provided information about how and when their vehicles can be relocated, Police said.

“It is important to note that those vehicles will be free to come and go from the stadium car park at any time.”

“Parliament grounds remain officially closed today, with a large number of tents and marquees still in breach of the standard conditions for all protests and demonstrations.”

Police continue to have a large presence at Parliament and have had productive talks with some protest groups, Supt Parnell said.

“Attempts to connect with other factions are ongoing. There were no incidents of note at the protest today however the number of children present continues to be a very real concern.”

“This is a difficult situation. New Zealand is not alone in having to deal with complex and significant protest action. 

“Police are fully aware of the disruption and frustration caused to the community — we all want to resolve this matter as quickly and as safely as possible,” Supt Parnell said.

Additional officers have arrived from around the country to bolster Police ranks at the protest.

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