Monday, June 24, 2024

Parliament protest ends peacefully

Protestors have dispersed from Parliament Grounds this afternoon following The Freedom and Rights Coalition protest in Wellington today.

Around 1,500 people gathered at the Parliament grounds this morning to engage in the planned protest activity.

“The group was monitored closely by Police and there were no reported issues,” said Wellington District Commander, Superintendent Corrie Parnell.

“We are very pleased with how people conducted themselves.

“Today’s positive outcome was the result of detailed planning by Police, clear communication with the protest organisers, and the behaviour of those who attended.

“I’m incredibly proud of the professional approach of our staff who put this plan into action.

“I would also like to make special mention of the additional staff who travelled from elsewhere in the country to assist, and our external partners who also supported Police today.”

Superintendent Parnell said there had been no trespass orders issued and no arrests made as a result of the protest.

“The counter-protest departed earlier this afternoon without incident,” he said.

“The Police focus today remained on balancing the safety of all protesters and the public, while acknowledging the right to protest peacefully and lawfully.

“We note the activity did disrupt traffic in areas around Parliament grounds where some roads were temporarily closed to minimise further disruption.”

Road closures will be lifted at 6pm this evening.

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