Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Personalised police plates with a speed message

The SLOWDN plates are currently on a Serious Crash Unit  vehicle.

The Wellington District Road Policing team is using personalised registration plates to encourage drivers to check their speed and slow down heading into the long weekend.

The message of the SLOWDN plates is simple – slow down.

“If we can slow people down, we are giving them a far better chance of arriving alive,” says Acting National Manager Road Policing, Peter McKennie.

“Our role is prevention and enforcement and our staff are out every day and night encouraging drivers to behave responsibly on the roads to ensure they and other road users arrive alive,” he said.

“Travelling at a safer speed that is suitable for the conditions enables drivers to respond safely if something unexpected happens.”

Wellington Road Policing Manager Inspector Wade Jennings says anything Police can do to reduce road trauma and get the message through to drivers is worth it.

“The personalised plates provide another way to promote safer roads,” he says.

Wellington’s Road Policing team got the idea after seeing the personalised plate FIREYZ – Fire Wise – on a crash-attending fire truck. SLOWDN was decided to be the best message to change driver attitudes and behaviours towards speed.

Speed is a contributing factor to a third of fatal crashes.

Road Policing teams throughout New Zealand will continue to focus on making a difference to RIDS – restraints (seatbelts and child safety seats), impairment (alcohol, drugs and fatigue), distractions (including mobile use), and speed.

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