Sunday, May 19, 2024

Picton Mayor calls for more police

Marlborough Mayor, John Leggett says Picton locals are “completely over” the Nelson Square protest and want the group to pack their bags and head home.

“Picton residents have had to put up with the noise and disturbance for three weeks,” Mayor Leggett (pictured) said.

“It’s especially difficult for the older residents who live in and around Nelson Square. They are fearful of some of the elements within the group and also worried that the site will become a ‘superspreader event’, harbouring many cases of Omicron.”

He said the Tasman Police District force does a good job but they were in need of greater support.

“I ask the Government to consider the Picton protest as a key part of the Wellington protest. Nelson Square is a springboard for people heading to the capital – the two sites are directly linked.”

“We need greater Police resources in Marlborough – I call on the Government to assist and bolster our force here,” the Mayor said.

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