Sunday, April 21, 2024

PM ‘amazed’ by outstanding New Zealanders

New Zealanders recognised in the New Year 2022 Honours List represent the determination and service exemplified by so many New Zealanders during what has been another tough year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today.

“I never fail to be amazed by the outstanding things New Zealanders achieve, especially during the tough times and I want to thank each and every person on this year’s list for the work they do to support their fellow New Zealanders in a wide variety of ways,” the Prime Minister said.

“I send my warmest congratulations and thanks to the three new Dames, Lisa Carrington, Sophie Pascoe, and Marie Shroff.

“Lisa and Sophie are our greatest ever Olympian and Paralympian.

“No one who saw them will forget Lisa Carrington’s golden days on the water in Tokyo earlier this year. But she is far more than our greatest ever Olympian. Humble and kind she is a role model for girls and boys across the country and continues to give back through her coaching of young paddlers.

“Sophie Pascoe is our greatest Paralympian, winning 19 medals across four Paralympic Games. A ground breaker and trendsetter she is a role model within and beyond the disability community and an advocate for equality.

“Marie Shroff has provided a lifetime of public service at the highest level, having served as the Cabinet Secretary from 1987 to 2003 and then as Privacy Commissioner from 2003 to 2014.”

She said New Zealand’s new Knights, Chris Farrelly, Robert Gillies and Jim Mann had all contributed to the nation in different but equally important ways.

“In accepting his honour, I know Bom does so reluctantly and wished to do so on behalf of all members of the Maori Battalion. For decades he has represented the Battalion at national and international events and it’s been an honour for me to meet him at Waitangi where we recently opened Te Rau Aroha, the museum of the 28th Māori Battalion.”

“Chris Farrelly has dedicated his life to supporting our most vulnerable. He has recently finished as the Auckland City Missioner, having led the development of the soon to be opened “Home Ground”, an innovative purpose-built facility to stand against homelessness, hunger, poor health and access to health care.

“Jim Mann pioneered research into non-communicable disease prevention such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. He has been recognised internationally for his work and has been appointed to numerous WHO advisory groups and centres. 

“COVID means many things are uncertain in the world right now but one hugely important constant is the never-ending efforts New Zealanders go to on behalf of their fellow citizens. I thank them all and would like to make sure they know this country is a better place because of them,” Ms Ardern said.

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