Friday, May 24, 2024

PM announces review of Stuart Nash donor communications

Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, has asked the Cabinet Secretary to conduct a review into communications between sacked minister Stuart Nash and his donors.

Mr Hipkins said the review will take place over the next two months. 

The review will look at whether there have been any other breaches of cabinet collective responsibility or confidentiality, or whether there have been perceived or actual conflicts of interest in communications Mr Nash has had with those donors.

“The scope of this review will be limited to emails, texts and other messages between Stuart Nash and any declared donor to his campaign,” Mr Hipkins said.

“Stuart Nash has assured me he will fully cooperate and I expect to have an outcome in the coming months, prior to the general election.

“In recent weeks I had been given assurances from Stuart Nash that there were no other instances or allegations of misconduct that would be outside of Cabinet rules. Given yesterday’s revelation, I feel it is important to verify this.

“Yesterday I dismissed Stuart Nash from Cabinet and stripped him of all of his ministerial portfolios.

“I expect a high level of conduct from Ministers and MPs and his actions raise perceptions of influence which cannot stand and therefore need to be checked,” the Prime Minister said. 

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