Saturday, May 25, 2024

Pōhutukawas to make way for playground

Specialist contractors are relocating four Pōhutukawa trees to different spots in a Wellington park to make space for the new playground construction.

Relocation work at Frank Kitts Park is starting today (1 November) and is expected to take five days to complete, weather permitting.

“Tree relocation is a complex and intricate process, and success ultimately depends on the quality of the root system, and the size and moveability of the roots depends on the nature of the soil they’ve been in,” Wellington City Council said in a statement.

“The trees are all located near the existing playground. Three of the four trees are being immediately relocated to different spots in the park. The fourth one will be temporarily stored onsite until it can be lifted into its final location in the play area, where it will provide instant shade. A fifth tree is being removed and will be turned into mulch as it is not suitable for transplanting.”

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