Monday, June 24, 2024

Police apologise over unjustified arrest

NZ Police has accepted the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) report released today, which found the arrest of a man for disorderly behaviour on 26 September 2020 in Palmerston North was not justified.

In September 2020 two officers drove past a man and his friend who were standing in the middle of the road in Palmerston North. When officers spoke to him, he was aggressive and verbally abusive to them, Police said in a statement today.

“Police warned him that he would be arrested if he continued with his disorderly behaviour. The man yelled at the officers and was arrested and later released on a formal warning.”

“Two nearby, independent witnesses saw the officers get out of their car and confront the men.”

A complaint was made about the attitude and manner in which the officers approached the situation. 

The IPCA found the arrest of the man for disorderly behaviour was not justified, and Police should not have given the man a formal warning for disorderly behaviour.

“The IPCA found the man’s behaviour did not amount to disorderly behaviour, and in the context of the situation it did not risk upsetting the public order nor did it risk provoking a violent response from the public,” NZ Police said.

The IPCA also noted the way the officers dealt with the situation was unprofessional.

“Following the IPCA investigation Police have accepted and acknowledged the IPCA findings. Police have apologised to the man and removed the formal warning from their database.”

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