Monday, May 27, 2024

Police constable named in Black Sticks line-up

Police Constable Ella Gunson has today been named in the Black Stick’s Olympic team to compete in Tokyo.

Constable Gunson (pictured, second from left, with Police colleagues) is working at Auckland’s North Shore Prevention Team while she trains for the Olympic Black Sticks Hockey Team.

Originally from Whangärei, she will return there after the Olympics.

This will be Ella’s 2nd Olympics playing in the black jersey. Ella has played 223 games for the Black Sticks over nine years.

This photo was taken with her Prevention Team Constable Wilson, Cates and Heslop, who said,”as part of her ‘Blue Family’ we wish her all the best”.

We do too – go get ’em Ella! From the Inside Local Government news team.

Courtesy NZ Police Facebook page.

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