Saturday, May 25, 2024

Police warning ahead of Wellington protests

Residents and visitors to Wellington are being advised to plan ahead and expect possible disruptions, with protest activity expected to take place in Wellington next week.

Police say several groups are planning protest activity, including a march to Parliament grounds on Thursday 28 September. 

“Police have been planning for these events, particularly taking into account managing movement of a large number of people and vehicles,” NZ Police said in a statement.

“Police acknowledge the right to protest, and our role is to ensure the safety of all as well as upholding the law. 

“We have been in contact with organisers from the various groups and set clear expectations for peaceful and lawful activity.”

Police say they are mindful of community concerns given disruptions experienced last year during the occupation of Parliament grounds.

“Traffic management will be put in place as part of planning to facilitate protest activity. More details about road closures will be provided early next week.”

Parking will also be restricted, with Police advising anyone travelling into the city to make alternative arrangements or use public transport where possible. 

“While there will be some disruptions, our aim is to ensure residents and the wider public can continue to go about their daily business as uninterrupted as possible,” Police said.

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