Monday, July 15, 2024

Prime Minister to attend US NATO Summit

Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon, has announced he will visit the United States from 9-12 July.

Mr Luxon will begin his visit in Washington DC, where he will meet with members of the US Administration and of Congress.

“The United States is the world’s largest economy and our second biggest trading partner. It plays a leading role in world affairs. It is imperative that we have good relationships with key American decision-makers, so they understand what New Zealand is trying to achieve in the world,” Mr Luxon says.

While in Washington DC, the Prime Minister will participate in the NATO Summit, and will also meet bilaterally with a range of NATO Leaders.

“Prosperity is only possible with security, with our discussions set to focus on our collective efforts to support the rules-based system”, Mr Luxon says.

“At NATO, counterparts from Australia, Japan and Korea will join me in a meeting of the Indo-Pacific Four.”  

It is the third consecutive Summit to which NATO has invited its four Indo-Pacific partners to discuss shared challenges.

The Prime Minister says he will use his time in the United States to expand New Zealand’s profile as a country with which to do business. He will also visit San Francisco, where he will drive greater investment links between New Zealand and the United States.

“If it were a country on its own, California would be the fifth biggest economy in the world, ranked between Japan and India,” Mr Luxon says. 

“I look forward to building our positive relationship with this great State, and to forging stronger links with its businesses and investors as part of our wider plan to rebuild New Zealand’s economy.”

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