Saturday, July 20, 2024

PSA calls for public sector support

On Public Service Day today, the PSA has issued a statement urging National, ACT and NZ First to acknowledge the valuable work of Public Service workers and continue support for the sector.

“We celebrate Public Service Day to acknowledge the critical and important work public service workers do across communities and across New Zealand,” said National Secretary for the Public Service Association Te PÅ«kenga Here Tikanga Mahi, Kerry Davies.

The Public Service Act was passed on 7 November 1912, establishing a professional and politically neutral public service.

“Today, more than ever, we urge the three parties in the incoming government to put aside the rhetoric of the election campaign and acknowledge the part public service workers play in making our country a better place,” said Ms Davies.

“Workers like those supporting our most vulnerable, safeguarding our precious native forests and birds, keeping our primary sector safe from bio security threats, dealing with our climate crisis and recovery from storm events – all services targeted for cuts.

“During the campaign National pledged to axe billions of dollars from the public service, some of it by Christmas, while ACT promised to lay off 15,000 workers.

“Today we appeal to NZ First to put the brakes on these deep and brutal cuts which will have very real consequences for the services New Zealanders depend on.

“We hope NZ First uses its position in negotiations to moderate those proposals given the great support there is for our public service.”

The latest Kiwis Count survey results show the trust in the public service remains high.

Eight out of 10 people trust the public service based on their personal experience. Public service workers are rated highly for their honesty, for doing their best to help people and for the respect they show.

“New Zealanders know from the value of what public service workers do for them to support them and keep them safe, particularly in times of need and natural disasters. We all remember how they helped us stay safe and healthy during COVID and this year, for many of us, how they helped communities recover from the big storms.”

“Every day public services provide vital infrastructure to support businesses to operate and New Zealanders to go about their daily lives.

“A strong public service is important now more than ever as this country faces great challenges from an aging population, climate change, and the increasing cost and complexity of health care.

“New Zealanders would pay a high price for the scale of cuts demanded by National and ACT – sacrificing vital services that play such an important role in supporting communities and the economy to thrive,” said Ms Davies.

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