Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Public Service survey reveals poor work/life balance

Eighty four percent of public servants are strongly motivated to stay working in the Public Service because their work contributes positively to society – and yet only 69% are satisfied with their job, a new survey has found.

Data recently released by the Public Service Commission shows that workers in the public service are going above and beyond, to the detriment of their health, happiness and home lives, PSA national secretary, Kerry Davies said today.

The survey found that while 77% of public servants were in the job because their work helps people in the community, only 56% were satisfied with their work/life balance.

“It is important that the spirit of service embodied by public service workers is matched by the support they need to maintain reasonable workloads and a good work life balance,” said Ms Davies.

“Throughout the pandemic, public servants have worked for the country at all alert levels and with increased pressure and work demands. Because of their commitment to keeping the country going and providing support for others they have put in huge extra effort.

“In this kind of pressured work environment people are tired and risk burn out.”

She said Public service agencies need to do more to recognise workers’ contribution and improve their conditions at work.

“Improvements include flexible working, eliminating pay gaps and discrimination, adequate staffing and better professional development and career pathways,” said Ms Davies.

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