Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Queenstown council apology over leaked district plan

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) will formally consider the Proposed District Plan (PDP) Hearing Panel’s recommendation report on the Rural Visitor Zone, and a number of related matters, at QLDC’s Full Council meeting on 18 March.

“The Panel’s recommendations at this stage are final and now only subject to consideration and adoption by Council,” QLDC said in a statement online.

“In this instance, the Hearing Panel’s recommendation report was provided to a member of the public who was not party to any PDP proceedings on 3 February. The material in this instance should not have been shared with a single party,” it said.

QLDC General Manager Planning and Development Tony Avery said the transgression from the normal process was “a regrettable error that would not be repeated”.

“Council took the decision the following day, in fairness to other submitters who had submitted on the provisions, that they also be provided with an early copy.”

Council said the material was also made publicly available on QLDC’s website.

“On previous occasions, full recommendation reports have been also been made publicly available early where there has been significant submitter or public interest.”

“At this time, Council issued an apology to a party who was potentially affected by the release.

“Under normal circumstances Councillors would have had the opportunity to view the material prior to any public release, and the information would have been made public ahead of the council meeting.”

The early release of the recommending report was discussed with Councillors at a workshop on 15 February.

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