Monday, April 22, 2024

Quick change fails to fool Police

Police have arrested an offender despite his plans to evade officers with a swift wardrobe change on Wednesday evening.

At around 4.40pm, Police were made aware of a vehicle linked to a person of interest on Mount Wellington Highway.

Auckland City East Area Commander, Inspector Jim Wilson, says further enquiries established the person had multiple warrants to arrest for burglaries in recent months.

“Police attempted to stop the vehicle however it failed to do so and a pursuit was not initiated,” said Insp Wilson.

“At this stage, the Police Eagle helicopter was overhead and has maintained observations of the vehicle as it travelled south.”

Police observed the vehicle crossing on to the wrong side of the road and dangerously overtaking a number of cars.

“It is incredibly lucky no one was seriously injured during this incident,” Insp Wilson says.

Eagle then observed the vehicle enter the Sylvia Park Mall carpark and mall security monitored as the man entered a retail store.

“Police allege the male has then stolen a number of clothing items to attempt to change his appearance.”

“Unfortunately for him, Police were waiting outside where he was taken into custody without further incident.

“This is another example of great work by Police staff from across different workgroups, all working together to hold offenders to account.

“Police would also like to acknowledge the mall security who kept a close eye on the male to assist Police with locating him.”

The 41-year-old male will appear in the Auckland District Court today on multiple charges relating to shoplifting, failing to stop, and traffic offending.

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