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Redwoods to be choppered out of Wellington

Some areas of Wellington’s Botanic Garden ki Paekākā will be restricted to the public on Wednesday as two large decaying redwood trees are removed from the area by helicopter.

Wellington City Council says that after careful consideration and assessment by Council arborists and external consultants, the decision was made to remove the trees for the health and safety of the public.

It says the trees decay is largely due to kākā damage, and the pests and diseases that enter the trees through the damaged bark. 

Manager Wellington Gardens, David Sole says that while some people may be disappointed by the damage and removal, there was a positive side. 

“Kākā were here before people and are a taonga species, so it’s great to see such high numbers return to Wellington,” he said.

“We are working towards a solution to the problem by diversifying our species being planted, especially as we continue to identify species that are less vulnerable.” 

A helicopter will be used to remove the trees in sections from the current site near the Treehouse Visitor Centre. Due to the confined locations of the trees, helicopter removal is the safest and most efficient method of removing the trees on this occasion, the Council said in a statement.

The operation is scheduled for 9am-4pm on Wednesday 6 March, weather permitting. 

“During the removal process, access to areas of the Botanic Garden will be restricted to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. Local residents have been notified by a letter drop, and signs and staff will be on hand with alternative routes. The Downhill Walk is open with two slight detours,” Council said.

Map of detours for public to use while some parts of gardens restricted.
Detour map for public.

What main facilities/attractions are closed?

  • Treehouse Visitors Centre
  • Display Garden Toilets
  • Play Area and Toilets
  • Duck Pond
  • Discovery Garden

What’s still open?

  • The businesses around the Botanic Garden will remain open such as the Cable Car, the Cable Car Museum, Cable Top Eatery, Space Place, and Picnic Café.
  • The toilets at the top of the Cable Car, and the Rose Garden will remain open.

What attractions can I still see at the Gardens?

  • Lady Norwood Rose Garden and Begonia House.
  • Herb Garden
  • Display Garden
  • Cable Car and Krupp Gun lookouts
  • Peace Garden
  • Australian Garden
  • Succulent and Cacti gardens
  • Sculpture Trail

Updates on the day will be available on the Wellington Gardens Facebook page

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