Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Renwick water treatment plant now operational

Renwick’s water treatment plant in Terrace Road is now operational, Marlborough District Council has announced.

Mason Engineers, who were contracted to install treatment equipment and controls, completed eight weeks of extensive commissioning work late last month and connected the plant to Renwick’s water supply last Wednesday.

“With that work now complete, Renwick households have a water supply that is safe, secure and meets national drinking water standards,” said Council Water Treatment Plant Operator, Robin Millard.

Masons had been on site for the plant fit out since late last year, following the completion of civil and structural works by Simcox Construction in September. Following the fit out, both wet and dry commissioning was undertaken to ensure the necessary systems were working correctly.

Treated water from the plant goes to all properties within the urban Renwick area.

“Before now, Renwick’s water supply was not passed through a filtration system, so users may notice their water is now clearer and better tasting,” said Mr Millard.

Prior to the fit out, Simcox Construction undertook civil and construction works including underground services, building foundations and pipelines, while subcontractors CMT Group did most of the building work onsite.

Renwick’s water upgrades have also included the construction of a new reservoir in 2020, the installation of water meters from July 2021, and the drilling and development of new wells at Conders Bend Road.

A new water pipeline from the wells to the reservoir and water treatment plant site was installed in 2022.

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