Sunday, June 16, 2024

Retired High Court Judge to assess wrongful conviction compo claim

A retired Judge of the High Court of New Zealand has been appointed to assess the wrongful conviction and imprisonment compensation claim of Alan Hall, Justice Minister Kiri Allan announced today.

Hon Rodney Hansen CNZM KC (pictured) was previously appointed to assess Teina Pora’s claim for compensation for wrongful conviction and imprisonment. 

“I received Mr Hall’s application for compensation in July this year. I’ve decided that his claim merits further assessment and should be assessed by an experienced independent inquirer,” Minister Allan said.

“Mr Hansen has had a distinguished legal career and remains very active in the law. He is particularly well suited to advise on Mr Hall’s claim given his extensive experience on the bench and his knowledge of the compensation process, including his assessment of Mr Pora’s claim.”

Mr Hall, 60, lodged his application for compensation after the Supreme Court quashed his convictions for murder and intentional wounding in June 2022.

He had been convicted of murdering Auckland father-of-five, Arthur Easton in October 1985. Mr Easton was stabbed to death with a bayonet in his home by an intruder, who also injured two of his sons.

Mr Hall, who is autistic, initially spent eight years in prison but, after being recalled following a breach of his parole, he spent nearly 10 more years in custody. 

His compensation claim will be determined under Cabinet’s Compensation Guidelines for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment.

“Innocence is fundamental to the integrity of the compensation scheme,” Minister Allan said.

“For an applicant to qualify for compensation, Cabinet must be satisfied they are innocent on the balance of probabilities. I have therefore asked Mr Hansen to consider all relevant evidence and report to me whether or not he considers Mr Hall has established his innocence to that standard.”

Minister Allan has written to Mr Hall’s lawyer and the Crown Law Office to advise them of Mr Hansen’s appointment. They will both participate in Mr Hansen’s assessment.

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