Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Richmond creek has case of the blues

An issue of unwanted colour has surfaced in Richmond’s Jimmy Lee Creek, with sightings of potentially toxic substances reported to Tasman District Council in recent days.

Council says a bright blue substance was seen flowing through the creek on Sunday morning.

“We understand that white and grey-coloured discharges have also occurred recently,” Council said in a stratement.

“Investigations are ongoing into the origin of the discharge, although it appears to have come from a stormwater drain discharging between Washbourn Drive and Bill Wilkes Reserve. It is possibly paint from the cleaning of brushes or leftover paint into an outside drain.”

Council says contaminated stormwater discharges into Jimmy Lee Creek has been an ongoing issue for a number of years.

“We’d like to put an end to this happening and urge residents to consider the impacts of what they might be tipping down the drain,” it said.

“In the first instance we are concerned about the effects this may have on wildlife in the creek as well as dogs who play in the water. However, there is the wider problem that Jimmy Lee Creek runs out into the Waimea Estuary, causing further environmental harm.

“Drains inside the house run to the sewerage system, while outside drains, roofs and road gutters are directly connected to waterways, estuaries and the beach. Because of this, only rain and clean tap water should go down your outside drains,” the Council said.

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