Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ruapehu council appoints compliance officers

Ruapehu District Council has appointed two locals from Manunui and Waiouru as Compliance Officers for the District.

Ian Brown has been appointed as the new Northern Compliance Officer and Pound Keeper and Debbie Lawrie as the new Southern Compliance Officer.

Council Executive Manager Regulatory & Customer Services, Warrick Zander said Mr Brown and Ms Lawrie are part of a small customer-facing team committed to ensuring Ruapehu is a safe and healthy District for people to live, work and play.

“Council’s small compliance team needs to cover a large area 24/7 and having local people with local knowledge based in the north and south of the District is a significant benefit to both Council and the local communities we serve,” he said.

“Our Compliance Officers have an important role in helping people comply with their relevant bylaw and legislated responsibilities.

“In addition to dog and other animal management issues they are also responsible for noise control, litter, vehicle and parking enforcement, and other Council bylaws.

“Although Council is sometimes required to take enforcement actions our approach is first and foremost on prevention and education ahead of enforcement which is always a last step,” said Mr Zander.

Both of the new officers said they are looking forward to working with people and helping them meet their bylaw and other legislated obligations aimed at protecting local communities.

“As the Pound Keeper Ian will also have responsibility for day-to-day management of the District Pound in Taumarunui,” said Mr Zander.

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