Saturday, July 20, 2024

School traffic lights get red carpet treatment

Taupō District Council is rolling out the red carpet for a local set of traffic lights.

Drivers on Taupō’s Tītīraupenga Street are seeing a bright red addition to the traffic lights near Taupō Primary School – and it’s there for a good reason.

Taupō Town Centre Transformation project manager, Izelda Cruz said the red textured street coating draws attention to the crossing and traffic lights and is one of several recent additions to the upgraded traffic flow system on Tītīraupenga Street.

“While our main focus of the project is currently on building the new Lake Terrace/Tītīraupenga Street intersection, we are still putting some important finishing touches to the work we’ve done previously,” she said.

“We have installed speed bumps to help reduce speeds and also to make drivers aware of the new intersection priorities, and the new red coating by the school helps to raise awareness of the new traffic lights.

“It’s also great to see the paving and grassing on the berms looking good and we’re going to be engaging mural artists to help brighten up the utility boxes and control boxes for the traffic lights,” said Ms Cruz.

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