Sunday, April 14, 2024

Security upgrade for Te Aro Park

Work on installing more lighting and a CCTV camera as part of a project to improve safety in Wellington’s Te Aro Park got underway today.

The Te Aro Park – Assessing Harm report, a collaboration between Wellington City Council and New Zealand Police, identified safety concerns within Te Aro Park – and outlined options to address numerous issues in the area.

Ddditional lighting and CCTV installation is the latest action implemented since the start of December, including the canopy being removed from the toilet block, a new cleaning regime and caretaker appointed, and a stronger police presence.

“Addressing the issues in Te Aro Park has been in large part led by the re-established Night-time Economic Forum,” says Mayor Andy Foster.   

“We have benefited from the concentrated effort by Council, Outreach Groups such as Take Ten, retail, hospitality and residents associations alongside the Police’s Operation Mahi Ngatahi as we aim to remove the negative stigma attached to Te Aro Park – and the surrounding Courtenay Place precinct too.”

Engaging with surrounding businesses has been a top priority and there has been some good constructive work done together, says Community Well-being portfolio lead, Councillor Fleur Fitzsimons.

“Local businesses and residents have been frustrated by anti-social behaviour in the area but collaborating with them and other stakeholders has given us a clear plan and we’ve taken some significant actions which seem to be already making a difference,” said Cr Fitzsimmons.

“This latest work is all part of a coordinated approach to return this popular park to the people.”

Work is estimated to take up to five days weather permitting and involves excavation of a hole for the pole, trenching and laying power cables, installing lighting and a camera.

“This activity may cause some temporary disruption in the area but the long-term gains will be a welcome change to a site which has encountered problematic behaviour from a small group for some time now,” says Cr Fitzsimons.

“Adaptations to bus shelters, tree trimming, more lighting, and some events and activities are also planned, and Take 10 has adapted their service delivery to focus on the larger area too.”

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