Thursday, July 18, 2024

Selwyn drives community mentor programme success

Selwyn District Council has handed over the keys to a new Community Driver Mentor Programme (CDMP) vehicle.

The CDMP helps new drivers in Selwyn to obtain their restricted or full licence, by overcoming barriers stopping them from learning how to drive — such as cost and access to a vehicle or lessons.

The Council supports each learner with three driving lessons from a driving instructor from Proactive Drive. Council says these instructed lessons are a crucial part in programme as they identify specific skills that the mentor can then help the learner refine.

The sponsorship significantly reduces the cost for the learner, Council said in a statement.

Selwyn’s CDMP Coordinator, Faye Lammers says it is a privilege to be involved with a programme which has so many positive outcomes.

“The sponsorship of this vehicle is incredibly important. Having a licence not only increases confidence and the ability to be independent, it also opens up employment opportunities and reduces the isolation often experienced in a rural district.”

Currently there are about 30 driving mentors involved with this programme throughout Selwyn.

Other programme sponsors include Selwyn Lions, Rolleston Lions and Faringdon Rolleston.

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