Saturday, July 20, 2024

Selwyn vows to fight for local water solution

Selwyn District Council has reaffirmed it will continue to advocate for quality water services and better outcomes for residents, as the Government moves ahead with the proposed Three Waters reforms.

At a meeting last week, Council confirmed its determination to advocate as an independent voice for the interests of Selwyn residents, and to push for changes to the reforms that “better meet local needs”.

The Council continues to oppose the direction of the proposed Government reforms and says it is concerned about their impact on water services for Selwyn residents.

“We accept there needs to be change however we don’t agree that the current three waters proposal is the best or only way forward,” says Mayor, Sam Broughton.

“The government has done a poor job at communicating the need for change in Selwyn and we publicly expressed our disapproval to them last year.

“We are disappointed at the government’s disregard for councils and local communities in the way it has run this process so far. We are also frustrated by the poor response over key questions we have raised with Government about the reforms.

“We will continue to be a strong and independent voice speaking out for Selwyn people, to make sure they get the best outcome from these reforms.”

Mayor Broughton says the Council’s focus will be on ensuring its concerns are addressed and on shaping the outcome of the reforms, so that the district continue to receive excellent water services.

The Council also committed to work constructively with mana whenua to ensure the best possible outcomes for Selwyn.

The Mayor said Council will be reviewing the recommendations of the Working Group on Representation, Governance and Accountability of New Water Services Entities and continuing to seek important information that has not yet been answered, to further shape its work.

“Water is the most important asset for the district and communities need to be able to have a say in the way their services are delivered that takes account of the unique nature of their water supplies, Mayor Broughton said.

“In Selwyn we have over 30 water supplies each with unique challenges. We have invested heavily in water infrastructure and overall we have an excellent service.

“This means when we have individual challenges, such as the complex ones we face at the moment in Springfield, we can work directly with local residents, using our local knowledge, and we are directly accountable to see through the long-term work that is required to address those issues.

“We need to see accountability in the reforms that ensures that Selwyn residents don’t lose that local voice and assurances that our people will see their needs met.

“That is what we will be working for – for Selwyn residents to get a service that continues to deliver for all of us,” he said.

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