Thursday, June 20, 2024

Selwyn water system among nation’s best

Selwyn has some of the cheapest water in New Zealand and among the least leaky networks in the country, a new report has shown.

According to the latest Water New Zealand National Performance Report, Selwyn had the cheapest volumetric water charge in Aotearoa in 2019/20 and among the lowest overall charges for 200m3 of water.

The annual report is compiled by Water New Zealand, an independent not-for-profit organisation representing water professionals and organisations.

The report showed the district’s wastewater network has the newest pipes on average and among the lowest rate of overflows per capita in the country. Selwyn was also among the councils with the fewest wastewater complaints.The district’s annual wastewater rate was above the national average, which has helped support investment in the system.

Council Infrastructure Group Manager Murray Washington says it’s good to see how the district’s systems measured up.

“We’ve put a lot of investment into our water and wastewater network in the past few years and it’s good to see that reflected in the results, along with some things for us to keep working on to maintain an excellent water and wastewater system for Selwyn,” he said.

The report also showed Selwyn has some of the highest water usage in the country at around 498 litres per person per day.

Selwyn District Council say it is working to encourage users to think more carefully and be intentional around water use, aiming for continuous improvement in water usage across the district in coming years.

The Council has agreed to put more emphasis on volumetric charges in coming years, giving ratepayers more control over their water bills and offering a financial incentive for reducing water wastage.

Selwyn was slightly above the average for unplanned water supply interruptions. The majority were on rural restricted water schemes, where the Council is working on extra storage to improve reliability in coming years.

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