Saturday, July 20, 2024

Sign vandals cause $10,000 damage

Damage to Taupō District road signs is causing a safety hazard for road users after a spate of vandalism over the past few months.

Taupō District Council infrastructure manager, Denis Lewis said it appeared a heavy duty vehicle or vehicles had been used to intentionally knock down rows of road signs in various rural locations around the district.

He said Poihipi, Mapara, Tuhingamata, Whangamata, Kaahu, Link and Oruanui roads had all been targeted since the vandalism began late last year, costing thousands of dollars.

“We have had about 40 signs damaged in the last three months, costing over $10,000 for repair and replacement,” he said.

The big issue was that while these road signs are out of action, drivers were less informed of what they needed to do on our rural roads, he said.

“Ratepayers have to bear the cost of sign replacement, but it’s the safety hazard that is an even bigger concern,” Mr Lewis said.

“Without these signs, drivers cannot make informed decisions while driving and risk making the wrong choice.”

The vandalism had been reported to police, and Mr Lewis encouraged anyone who saw the vandals in action to call police so immediate action could be taken.

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