Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sweet deal for Dunedin Hospital

Demolition of the Cadbury site in Dunedin is now underway to make space for the city’s new billion-dollar hospital.

The Ministry of Health said the new Dunedin Hospital will transform how health care is delivered across the region, improving health outcomes for New Zealanders for decades to come.

The new facility will have improved clinical capacity, more integrated services and flexibility for the future.

Mike Barns is the Programme Director within the Health Infrastructure Unit at the Ministry of Health which is overseeing the project.

He said he was excited to be a part of such a historic event.

“As the largest ever hospital build in New Zealand, the New Dunedin Hospital will showcase world class facilities, making more use of digital technology and supporting new models of care,” said Mr Barns.

Demolition plans

Demolition of the site is scheduled to be completed in stages. Preliminary work started in two separate areas on 29 March. Demolition of Cadbury Crumb plant and demolition of the Raw Materials building have started. This is scheduled to take 4–6 weeks. The latter allows access to the centre of the site for setting up a level platform for a large crane to undertake cut and crane demolition of the main chocolate making building.

Once the crane has completed the above cut and crane demolition, the Silos will be removed followed by the demolition of the remainder of the buildings. Demolition efforts include carefully removing and retaining material considered of historic significance for future use, including retaining the historic Dairy Building at the south-east corner of the site.

The total demolition process following preliminary works is expected to be completed within 12 months.

More information can be found on the New Dunedin Hospital website.

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