Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Taupō council COVID advice goes to the dogs

Taupō District Council has told dog owners to keep their pooch on a lead to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

In a statement, Council said the move would help ensure the health of the community in public spaces.

“With Covid in our community, Taupō District Council suggests it’s best for all our dog owners to keep their pooch on a lead in spaces where they need to be, and make sure their canine companions do not run up to other dogs, or people,” the statement read.

Council compliance team leader, Ross McDonald said there was currently an issue with dogs roaming freely in the town.

“When a dog is collected by our team we aim to reunite dogs with their owners as soon as possible and preferably without needing them to come and stay at our shelter. By ensuring your dog is registered, microchipped, wearing a collar and identification tag and your details are up to date with council we are able to get dogs home and safely.”

“Taking this approach also helps to keep the council’s dog team safe, because then we don’t need to visit people’s places to return their dog and have unnecessary contact.

“Stay well, look after yourself, keep a safe distance and your dogs under control, and then everyone can better avoid Covid.”

The Taupō Pound is currently closed until further notice as it is deals with reduced staff levels.

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