Thursday, May 30, 2024

Taupō gateway works get underway

With work on the upgrades to intersections on Tītīraupenga Street nearing completion, the focus of the Taupō Town Centre Transformation (TTCT) is now moving to the construction of a new southern gateway at the Lake Terrace and Tītīraupenga Street intersection.

Project manager, Izelda Cruz said that while the Roberts Street intersection was yet to be completed the team would be starting on Lake Terrace to get weather-dependent work underway as quickly as possible and while the risk of disruptions to supply chains were reduced.

“Given the current situation with staffing and supplies being affected by COVID-19 we’re being as flexible as possible and after working closely with the contractor and our project team, we’ve decided to be more nimble in the methodology we use and bring the Lake Terrace work forward in the schedule,” Ms Cruz said.

The revisions to the Lake Terrace/Tītīraupenga Street intersection will see priority given to traffic turning from Lake Terrace into Tītīraupenga Street and heading north.

“This is quite a significant piece of work which will see us completely remove and then reinstate the road surface here.”

“For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be doing the preparation work for this on the lake-side road shoulder with the road remaining open for this work until late April. This is something of a milestone for our Taupō Town Centre Transformation project and we are really looking forward to getting started on this important piece of work – and also to getting it finished as soon as possible.”

Ms Cruz said that Northcroft Street will have a restricted right turn for safety reasons due to the proximity to the main intersection on Lake Terrace.

“Thanks to everyone for their understanding while we have been upgrading this street, it has been really amazing. Please continue to follow the guidance of our traffic management team and thanks again for your patience,” she said.

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