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Taupō rat cat retired after amputation

Taupō Pound has found a replacement for its former expert rodent exterminator, Floyd, who was forced into early retirement after a leg amputation.

Floyd was brought on by Taupō District Council to provide some companionship and sink his teeth into the facility’s rats and mice population.

Besides being excellent at his job, Council says Floyd ruled over the pound, with his human underlings at his beck and call.

Floyd went missing in early April but reappeared in the pound carpark thin, hungry and dishevelled after a one-month walkabout. His back leg was injured and had to be amputated.

He made a full recovery but with three legs he was not as quick as he used to be and the team decided it was time he found a new home.

Floyd has settled into retirement well after being adopted by Taupō District Council compliance officer, Cairo.

“I already have a cat who doesn’t really like other cats, but I just love Floyd so I said I’d take him home,” Cairo says.

“I didn’t want him to go to a completely new place. He’s going great, he loves his new life. We weren’t sure if he would enjoy being a house cat but he just sleeps all day and fights my other cat for the sunny spots in the house.”

Despite being retired and less mobile than he was with four legs, Floyd’s hunting instincts are still sharp.

“He’s already caught some mice, even with three legs he can still hunt, so that’s great.”

They other good news is that a suitably named replacement has been found for Floyd – with new cat, ‘Lloyd’ taking over the reins.

While Lloyd’s rodent-hunting skills are still developing, pound keeper, Taylor says he certainly has the attitude required for the job and his likeness to Floyd made the decision to deploy him in the pound office a no-brainer.

“We had Floyd for about five years and he kept this place under control in terms of rodents – there were no rabbits, no rats, no mice. He cleaned the place out and he wasn’t afraid of any dog,” says Taylor.

“After Floyd was rehomed I went next door to the SPCA and Lloyd was in the front window. It’s amazing how similar they look.”

As well as being exterminators, Taylor says the pound office cats quickly become part of the whānau.

“He’s definitely part of the team and we’re super happy Floyd is enjoying retirement.”

Former Taupō Pound rodent exterminator Floyd is enjoying retirement.
Former Taupō Pound rodent exterminator Floyd is enjoying retirement.

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