Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Tauranga digital dashboards updated

Tauranga City Council has launched its newly updated Tauranga digital dashboards.
In 2020, Tauranga City Council teamed up with Acorn Foundation, BayTrust and TECT to deliver the first ever Whakahou Taketake Vital Update – Tauranga.
Vital Update – Tauranga is a research project focussed on the needs, wants and aspirations of the various geographic communities across Tauranga. More than 5,200 people contributed to the project, including more than 4,800 Tauranga residents.
The findings were initially presented as a main report, 12 suburb reports and six priority reports on Tauranga rangatahi (youth), kaumātua (elders), Māori, different ethnic communities, disabled people and their carers, and people experiencing homelessness.
Council’s General Manager, Community Services, Gareth Wallis said that while the written reports are still available, the digital dashboards provide Tauranga-wide data and information about individual suburbs in a quick, easy-to-read format, which can also be downloaded to look at in your own time.

“To help you navigate the dashboards we’ve also developed an easy ‘How to Use’ printable document, and a quick video to show you some key tips,” Mr Wallis said.
He said data from Whakahou Taketake Vital Update – Tauranga had helped Council and many other organisations in Tauranga gain a better understanding of the communities that make up the city, and provided the ability to start making positive change in community wellbeing.
“The findings reiterated some things that we already knew – that people want to protect our beautiful environment and that traffic is an issue – but it has also helped us gain a deeper understanding of the people that live, learn, work and play here. As a result, we will do another Vital Update – Tauranga survey again in 2023.”
View the Whakahou Taketake Vital Update – Tauranga digital dashboards
View the full suite of Whakahou Taketake Vital Update – Tauranga reports

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