Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Te Awamutu waste-to-energy plant goes public

A plan to construct a waste to energy plant in Te Awamutu will be released for public consultation, Waipā District Council has announced.

The application to build the plant at 401 Racecourse Road has been lodged with Waipā District Council by Global Contracting Solutions.

The proposed plant would incinerate 150,000 tonnes of waste annually, which would be used to generate electric power, Council said in a statement.

Global Contracting Solutions lodged the application in December 2021, seeking a non-notified resource consent. This is a shorter and simpler process but would not allow public input, the Council said.

Resource consents are required when proposed activities do not comply with the Council’s District Plan.

In the year since the application, further information has been sought by Council staff on a range of issues including acoustics, transportation movements, impacts on local roads and water infrastructure, and stormwater overflow

Council released its notification decision on the resource consent application this week, advising public notification would be required.

“This would allow any member of the public, or organisation, to make submissions, should the resource consent application to build the plant proceed,” the Council said.

Global Contracting Solutions is also seeking a resource consent from the Waikato Regional Council (WRC) relating to discharge contaminants into the air. WRC has yet to make a decision on notification.

Details of the resource consent application, including Waipā District Council’s notification report, are available on the website at https://www.waipadc.govt.nz/our-services/planning

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