Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Thousands of native trees planted in Bromley

The paddocks between Cuthberts Road and the oxidation ponds in the Christchurch suburb of Bromley are gradually being transformed by the addition of thousands of native trees and plants.

“In a few years’ time this strip of land will be thick with native vegetation that will improve the biodiversity of the area and provide an important habitat for native birds,’’ says Christchurch City Council Wastewater Operations Manager, Adam Twose.

“The mass planting of these paddocks will help Christchurch reduce its carbon emissions and it will also ease the midge problem in the area by providing a natural barrier between the oxidation ponds and nearby homes.’’

About 40,000 plants have been planted so far, with thousands more planned to be added over the coming years.

“We’re currently preparing the paddocks for further planting by spreading a 300mm deep layer of compost from the nearby Council-owned organics processing plant over the ground.

“The compost will improve the soil conditions for the plants, giving them the best opportunity to thrive,’’ Mr Twose says.

About 6500 tonnes of compost from the Organics Processing Plant has been placed on the paddocks over the last few weeks.

Removing this large amount of compost from the Organics Processing Plant should help to reduce the potential for odour issues at the plant while Council undertakes a $21.5 million upgrade of the facility.

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