Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Training the future of Australian mounted combat


Australian Army’s School of Armour is not just where the school holds its history, but where the future of mounted combat is being formed.

Commanding Officer of the School of Armour Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Shepherd said the school trained new corps members while continually enhancing and developing the skills of those already highly experienced in their trade.

“Over the next two to three years, we will see the introduction into service of a new main battle tank, combat reconnaissance vehicle, infantry fighting vehicle and an armoured breaching and bridging capability,” Lieutenant Colonel Shepherd said.

“That, coupled with modernisation in communications, battle management systems and counter-UAS, makes the school the forefront of training the combat force.”

The school’s future-focused training is highlighted by its application to shoot down drones – a new addition to all gunnery and tactical courses.

Sergeant Tyler Willson, a United States Marine Corps crew commander, said his team gained experience but also faced challenges with the drone shoot.

“We had to watch the drone the whole time – it started coming at me and I wasn’t able to get a hit off on it, but it was fun,” Sergeant Willson said.

It was something that hadn’t previously been experienced by members, but highlights the reason for the training and getting crews comfortable with countering different threats.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepherd said the School of Armour’s role extended beyond training just those within the armoured corps. It includes extending to mounted combatants, predominately across infantry and engineers.

As technology evolves, so too does the training at the School of Armour, ensuring it remains a critical component preparing soldiers for the challenges of modern warfare.

“We’re working to ensure the school is at the forefront of integrating modern technologies into its training programs, preparing its soldiers for modern-day lessons and battlefields,” Lieutenant Colonel Shepherd said.

The School of Armour is part of the newly formed Land Combat College and plays a pivotal role in ensuring Australia’s soldiers are equipped to face the ever-changing demands of modern warfare. 

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