Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tramline extension on track for opening

A 500-metre extension to Christchurch’s tram network will open next week, marking a milestone in upgrade works for the city’s earthquake-damaged High Street.

The additional route will be opened to the public on Thursday 2 June by Christchurch Mayor, Lianne Dalziel.

It sees the trams travel from the corner of Manchester Street along High Street, up Tuam Street and turn into Poplar Street before heading back down Lichfield Street. 

“We are delighted to soon be operating along an extended tram route. The Tram has always been a fantastic way to easily connect areas of the city, so we are looking forward to bringing guests to the businesses of the SALT District,” Christchurch Attractions Chief Executive, Sue Sullivan said today.

“This project has really added to the special character of High Street and we’re all excited to see the much-loved trams increase their travels around the central city,” said Council Head of Transport and Waste Management, Lynette Ellis.

A new tram stop and shelter has also been installed at the Tuam and High Street intersection

The life-sized bronze corgis that were first installed in High Street in 2003 to mark the Queen’s golden jubilee have been moved to sit beside the new shelter.

“It will also enhance to the vibrancy of the central city and make High Street an even more attractive place to visit hospitality venues, shop and do business,” Ms Ellis says.

Key features of the High Street revamp include:

  • A safer 10 km/h speed limit.
  • Level paving across the road and footpath between Lichfield Street and Tuam Street. The streetscape of High St was co-designed with Matapopore to express Ngāi Tūāhuriri narratives and values. The feature aromoana paving pattern that crosses High Street was designed by Ngāi Tahu carver and artist Fayne Robinson.
  • Short-stay parking for shoppers and deliveries – P60 spaces, loading zones, mobility parks, motorcycle parks, and cycle parks.
  • A safer cycling connection between Tuam Street and the central city.
  • Feature lighting and new street furniture.
  • More trees including new planted areas at the corner of High Street and Cashel Street, and around the Manchester Street, Lichfield Street and High Street intersection.
  • Upgraded stormwater pipes along High Street.
  • New sewer pipe in some places along High Street between Cashel Street and Manchester Street, and around into Lichfield Street.

The majority of the work on the upgrade has been completed, however there is a small section outside the Cotters Building which is currently under construction as well as some other minor work that still needs to be finished.

 “We’d like to again thank businesses and residents again for their patience while we completed these disruptive works,” Ms Ellis said.

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