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Trans-Tasman initiative targets TikTok talent

NZ On Air, Screen Australia and TikTok have announced the launch of Every Voice, a new initiative to support diverse and distinct creators in the creation of innovative content for the TikTok app.

Every Voice, the first joint initiative between Screen Australia, NZ On Air and TikTok, aims to help a new generation of online storytellers expand their vision and ambition, and will cultivate original Australian and New Zealand content that resonates with global online audiences, NZ On Air said in a statement today.

It said the initiative was for TikTok creators or creators who want to expand to working on TikTok.

Australian and New Zealand applicants will be eligible to apply for up to AUD $50,000 per project, with between three to five projects anticipated to be funded per country. Projects must comprise of episodic content designed to be told in 6 to 15 episodes of no more than one minute each, aimed at audiences aged between 16 and 35. Projects can be of any genre of scripted or documentary content. Successful teams must also be available to attend a virtual workshop on 4 and 5 November, 2021 to develop story skills and best practice for creating for TikTok.

“TikTok is an exciting destination for creators looking for new ways to tell their stories. Through this initiative Australian and New Zealand creators will have the opportunity to develop their skills and connect with a highly engaged, global audience on TikTok. In partnership with NZ On Air and TikTok we are thrilled to be offering Australian and New Zealand creators the chance explore their creative voices, elevate their content and look forward to supporting the next generation of storytellers,” Screen Australia Senior Online Investment Manager, Lee Naimo said.

“This partnership will support a range of screen projects from Australia and New Zealand, and is intended for creators from under-represented backgrounds including First Nations, Māori, Pacific Peoples, Pan-Asian, LGBTQIA+, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD), female or trans/gender diverse, those living with a disability and creators based in regional and remote areas. Screen Australia will manage applications for Australian projects, while NZ On Air will manage applications for New Zealand projects,” Screen Australia said in a statement.

“Stories have the power to connect communities, drive social change and spark immense joy, and TikTok has created a world of opportunities for storytellers from all backgrounds to make their voices heard. NZ On Air is excited to partner with Screen Australia and TikTok to support and nurture these emerging talents, which will help develop new pathways into our local screen industry and ensure our communities can see themselves reflected on a platform they regularly engage with,” NZ On Air Head of Funding, Amie Mills said.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to join NZ On Air and Screen Australia in creating a new opportunity to elevate and celebrate under-represented voices who provide fresh perspective on the cultural diversity of Australia and New Zealand and the world beyond,” said Director of Content Partnerships and Community at TikTok Australia and New Zealand, Felicity McVay.

“Investing in helping creators in our region hone their craft and find new audiences on TikTok is something we’re passionate about and Every Voice is a key initiative to help us support and nurture talented Aussie and Kiwi creatives.”

Full eligibility and assessment criteria for New Zealand applicants is available in the guidelines here. New Zealand creators can apply for Every Voice here.

Lee Naimo and Amie Mills will join the team from TikTok to  host a Q&A webinar on Tuesday 3 August at 10am AEST/ 12pm NZST for practitioners interested in applying for the initiative. The webinar will include a panel discussion with more information on the Every Voice program and include a question and answer session for those interested in applying. Interested practitioners are strongly encouraged to register to attend the webinar and registration is essential. Please register here.

Applications are open now and will close 4 pm NZT Thursday 26 August, 2021. Please ensure you read the guidelines here before contacting us at funding@nzonair.govt.nz with any remaining enquiries.

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