Sunday, April 21, 2024

Travel bubble with Australia gets green light

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that the ‘travel bubble’ between New Zealand and Australia will commence in just under two weeks.

Ms Ardern said New Zealand was “ready and waiting” for Australian travellers.

She said NZ would treat Australia as part of its own region when dealing with any future outbreaks.

“If a case is found that is linked to, say, a border worker and is then likely contained, you’re likely see travel continue,” she explained.

“If it was a case not linked to the border, we’d likely pause flights from that state, in the same way we would pause travel into and out of a region in New Zealand if it happened here.”

She said the opening of international borders with Australia once again marked a “new chapter” in New Zealand’s recovery.

She said incoming flights from Australia would be “green” flights – with no passengers from any other destinations onboard the same flight – and flight crew would be COVID-19 tested and would wear masks during travel.

Flights will be permitted from 11.59pm on Sunday, 18 April.

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