Sunday, June 16, 2024

Vaping companies given compliance extension

The Vaping Regulatory Authority has extended the deadline for companies to provide information demonstrating their vaping products are compliant with current regulations by a week, to noon this Friday, 9 December. 

The Authority earlier wrote to 60 companies about 2,149 vaping products that had been notified for sale in New Zealand, where further evidence is required to confirm they comply with the law. 

Companies were required to provide product safety information following a review of the 8,083 vaping substances able to be sold in New Zealand. 

“For the majority of the products reviewed, no issues have been found, but in some cases, information provided by the manufacturer or importer indicated that they could include prohibited ingredients or they could have nicotine salt levels that exceed the legal limit,” said Vaping Regulatory Authority Manager, Matthew Burgess. 

“Following the review, companies have withdrawn notifications for 340 vaping products, meaning they can no longer be legally sold in New Zealand. We will be publishing a list of products that are no longer notified on the Ministry of Health website shortly.

“Regarding the remainder of the 1,809 products, the Authority is working with manufacturers and importers to understand whether there are any issues relating to the products themselves, or whether there were errors or omissions in the information that was submitted to the Authority.”

Each of the 60 companies responsible for the 2,149 products has been asked to provide: 

  • a full list of ingredients for the product, including the volume or weight of each 
  • an image or photograph of the product’s labelling, including the ingredient lists 
  • details of the actions and assessments they undertook to satisfy themselves that the product was safe prior to notifying it for sale in New Zealand. 

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