Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Waikato council commits to emission reductions

Waikato District Council has committed to reducing emissions and working with communities to take action on climate change.

The Council’s Sustainability and Wellbeing Committee has unanimously approved the Climate Response and Resilience Strategy, which sets clear objectives and targets for addressing climate change. 

“This is an important and timely strategy which provides the clear direction we need to plan and work with the community to deliver a sustainable future,” said Council Chief Executive, Gavin Ion.

In response to central government directive for local government to prepare communities for the effects of climate change, the Strategy brings together key Council documents, policies, and plans, as well as considering risk and community resilience. 

In 2024, the Council says it will collaborate with key groups in the community to develop a Climate Action Plan, addressing community needs and priorities to help prepare for the effects of climate change and help build a resilient future. 

Read council’s Climate Response and Resilience Strategy here. 

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