Thursday, May 23, 2024

Waikato Police deliver on stolen mail

Waikato Police have this week arrested an alleged long-time mail thief.

The 28-year-old man is facing charges in relation to what Police suspect has been a years-long mail-theft scheme.

Police allege he used it the scheme to access people’s personal information and create illegitimate documents. 

These documents were allegedly used to apply for fraudulent loans and credit cards.

Hundreds of letters and documents were found at the Hamilton address and staff are now working to understand the extent of the offending.

“We became aware of the offending after receiving a report from a person whose new credit card had seemingly never arrived; they knew something was wrong when that credit card started to tally up, and called Police,” says Sergeant Michael Palmer.

The man in due to re-appear in Hamilton District Court on 31 May.

“This is a great result for the community and a timely reminder to the public to continue reporting any thefts from letterboxes.”

“We encourage anyone who has been the victim of dishonesty offending to report it as soon as possible,” says Sergeant Palmer.

“There are a number of actions people can take to protect themselves from mail theft, including sending parcels to a work address or ensuring you will be at home when they arrive.”

Other top tips to reduce the risk of mail theft include:

• Clear your letterbox in a timely manner;
• Put your mail delivery on hold if you’re going away;
• Provide clear delivery instructions for couriers to leave a package safely hidden or secured within your property;
• Install security cameras and/or security camera messaging near your letterbox or the front of your property;
• Where practical, consider click and collect over delivery.

“If you see any suspicious activity, such as unfamiliar people loitering around properties or looking in mailboxes, please contact Police immediately.”

Suspicious activity can be reported to police on 111 if it is happening now, or 105 if it is after the fact.

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