Thursday, June 20, 2024

Waipā issues alert for recycling app

Waipā District Council has issued an alert to residents following reports a number had received incorrect recycling collection notifications on the free mobile app, Antenno.

“I recommend all Antenno users check their data settings to ensure they have inserted their street name as well as street number,” said Council’s Service Delivery Group Manager, Dawn Inglis.

“It appears some people have saved only their street name which creates a problem for the recycling alerts. If you have moved house it’s also a good time to update your data.”

Antenno is a free digital tool that sends residents updates and reminders for rates, recycling, dog registration, community events, road closures and more. Users select alerts that are relevant and personal to them, and they can opt out of topics they don’t want be updated on.

In the last six months the number of Antenno users in Waipā has almost doubled from 3,424 users to 5,671.

I’m not surprised Antenno its trending upwards so quickly. Locals are realising it is a handy piece of technology that makes their life easier with reminder alerts,” said Ms Inglis.

“During COVID-19 times its convenient and saves time because people can reduce face to face visits to the council offices for various services.”

Waipa Antenno users trending upward

The Antenno app can also be used to report issues and submit feedback to Council’s customer support team.

“If you see graffiti, or spot a potential issue in the community that is council related you can report it quickly and easily using the app. If you’ve taken a photo, you can add that to your report as well.”

In an Antenno survey, one user was particularly impressed with the ability to receive alerts for more than one property which meant they could remind their elderly mother about her recycling collection, Ms Inglis said.

Antenno is available on Apple and Android smartphones and can be installed from the App Store or Google Play. No personal information or log in details are required. To download the app and for more information visit https://www.Waipā

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