Sunday, June 23, 2024

Water app the top drop for summer

With the days getting longer and warmer, Auckland Council is urging residents to make use of Watercare’s customer app to keep a closer eye on water usage.

The app, which was first launched for smart meter customers, is now available to all Watercare customers. People can compare their water use, billing history, pay a bill for one or multiple properties, receive notifications or talk to Watercare’s customer services team over live chat. 

Watercare head of customer experience, Jason Pascoe says customers appreciate the convenience and flexibility of accessing their account information from their mobile devices – anytime and anywhere.

“What I like most about the app is that it enables us to notify people of leaks straight away, if their home has a smart meter.”

“I also like the app’s intuitive design which allows customers to navigate between the different screens seamlessly.

“What appeals to customers most about the app is that they can interact with us and set their own water consumption target, which they can work towards to become more water efficient and keep their bills as low as possible.

“Most residential customers will find huge benefits from installing the app, especially those who live in a home with a smart meter.”

Those who have a smart meter will be able to get more specific information from the app like incremental half-hour water consumption updates, which makes it easier to identify a water leak or avoid a high bill, he said.

Mr Pascoe says Watercare is planning to introduce a Faults and Outages push notification on the app.

“Beyond that we’re exploring how we can best provide customers with flexible billing options to give them the power to stay on top of their bills more easily,” he said.

Download the Watercare app for free from the App Store or Google Play store.

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