Sunday, May 19, 2024

Water restrictions lifted for far north

Level 2 water restrictions applied during the summer months to Kerikeri-Waipapa, Paihia-Ōpua-Waitangi, Kawakawa-Moerewa, Ōpononi-Ōmāpere, Ōmanaia-Rāwene and Kaikohe-Ngāwha will be lifted from today.

Level 2 restrictions banned the use of sprinklers and irrigation systems, but allowed the use of outdoor hoses.

“All Far North water sources are now at healthy levels thanks to recent rainfall having a positive impact on rivers and groundwater source across the district. Cooler autumn temperatures combined with more consistent rain in long-term forecasts were the main reasons for the decision,” Far North District Council said in a statement.

Level 3 water restrictions in Kaikohe and Ngāwhā were lifted on Thursday 18 April after the Matawaii Dam was confirmed as a viable water supply to supplement the Wairoro Stream, the Council said. Level 3 restrictions ban the use of hoses as well as sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Two of the council’s eight water schemes – Kaitāia and Ōkaihau – have remained at Level 1 throughout the summer season.

Signs designed to raise awareness among residents and visitors about water restrictions will be removed in coming days, the Council said. Large billboards at Rāwene, Ōpononi and Ōmāpere displaying the same water glass imagery will remain in place but will be changed to display Level 1.

While the entire district will now be at Level 1 with no water restrictions, all residents are encouraged to use this valuable resource sensibly, the Council said.

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