Sunday, May 19, 2024

Water storage support for Chatham Islands

Around 50 owner-occupied homes across the Chatham Islands are due to receive much-needed water tanks in the coming months.

Chatham Islands Council operate two main water systems in the Chathams – in Waitangi and Kaingaroa. The rest of the Island relies on rain, spring or bores for their water.

Council says that in recent years, the Chatham Islands have experienced frequent and extended periods of drought.

“During these periods, a number of residents have had reduced access to safe drinking water. Most affected are those who live beyond the limits of existing Council infrastructure,” it said in a statement.

“These drought conditions over a long period have impacted water levels, with some dropping or drying out. This means there has not been a sustainable, consistent water supply to homes.”

As part of a collaborative project, the Council has secured funding to help source and purchase water tanks. These are now being installed for residents who had previously applied.

An independently-run process by Environment Canterbury secured the services of a suitably qualified plumber to install the water tanks, Council said.

The water tanks will support approximately 50 owner-occupied households which have capacity issues.

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