Monday, July 15, 2024

Weather delays Horotiu project

Further complications with Waikato District Council’s Horotiu Road – Link to Northgate Business Park project means that the Park Road intersection will now not open to local traffic until the end of July.

Council had hoped the intersection would be open by the end of June.

The extensive de-watering operation – pumping groundwater out of excavations, including trenches – required to install 5-metre deep new wastewater pipes under Horotiu Road has been progressing slower than was hoped, Council said today.

“The combination of ground conditions and weather at this time of year has contributed to this,” it said.

Earthworks has also progressed slowly due to many weather-related delays.

Council says the final section of the wastewater pipes installation part of the project has been very challenging, with multiple existing or relocated services having to be worked around, while at the same time having to de-water the deep trench.

“So, we’re now looking to start on kerb and channel at the intersection on 24 June and thereafter, the work will be a lot less weather dependent than we have been,” it said.

“For context, the entire project (roundabout and link road) has required around 130,000m3 of earth to be moved, 850m of stormwater pipe and around 950m of wastewater pipe (some at depths of 5m) to be laid, as well as new power, new fibre-optics, the relocation of HV power lines, as well as the road construction itself.”

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