Sunday, May 19, 2024

Weather heavyweights arrive in Napier

Twenty-one generator heavyweights have arrived in Napier to help with any future extreme weather events and their impacts.

Napier City Council ordered the powerful generators in a range of sizes from a leading manufacturer in France directly after the 2020 flooding events.

Council Executive Director of Infrastructure, Russell Bond says the generators will play a vital role in ensuring Napier has improved resilience across its three waters services.

“We can never just build back, we have to make sure we are adding strength, back-up, and innovation at every point so we can be better in all areas,” he said.

“By adding these generators to our inventory we can bolster our pump stations and have flexibility when we need it.”

Some of the generators will be installed at Napier’s stormwater pump stations, while the smaller ‘jennys’ will add greater resilience to smaller wastewater stations.

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