Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Wellington gets onboard e-bikes

From tomorrow, Wellingtonians and visitors to the city looking for low-carbon ways to get around will be able hire and ride e-bikes using app-based services.

In a statement, Wellington City Council says electric bike operators, Flamingo and Beam, will each have 50 e-bikes available in the city.

“Based on demand, they will look to increase the number of e-bikes over coming weeks to the agreed trial cap of 150 each,” Council said.

“People can have a go and learn to ride and park safely at learn-to-ride events planned on the waterfront later this week.”

  • Flamingo will conduct free training on the waterfront at the Waitangi Stream Promenade (Harbourside Market site) on Friday 24 February, 12 noon–2pm
  • Beam will run free training at Waitangi Stream Promenade on Saturday 25 February, 12 noon–3pm.

Flamingo Co-founder and Chief Executive, Jacksen Love says the company is confident bike sharing will play a positive role in the future of micromobility in the city, and hopes to see as many people as possible having a go.

“Our safety ambassadors will be down at the waterfront on Friday to support riders and take them safely through the step-by-step process. We will also be giving out free riding credits to everyone who attends,” he said.

The Council agreed in December to allow the city’s existing e-scooter operators to trial e-bike hire. The trial will be evaluated in mid-2023 and considered by Councillors in about October.

Wellington Mayor, Tory Whanau said he keen to try out one of the new e-bikes.

“There is plenty of evidence from other cities that show share e-bikes are a good thing. But testing them will highlight the local potential. It will also allow more permanent arrangements to be tailored to Te Whanganui-a-Tara,” the Mayor said.

“A great thing about share schemes is they give more people an opportunity to try and use e-bikes and e-scooters. That’s important as we create a city where climate-positive lifestyles are affordable and accessible.

“For those who can afford it, share hire can also provide the experience and impetus to take that next step and buy an e-bike of their own.”

Both Flamingo and Beam say they’re thrilled to launch e-bike share services in the Capital.

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ), Tom Cooper says the company has seen shared micromobility services take off in the city, with more people choosing to leave their cars behind, particularly for shorter trips of under 5km.

“We look forward to seeing this mode shift increase with shared e-bikes,” he said.

“We know that providing alternative ways to get around brings change for everyone so we will be working with people who hire our e-bikes and others in the community to make sure they can be safely integrated into Wellington’s transport network.”

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